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Interpreting Translating and Training Agency

About Us

AllAboutLanguages is based in Launceston and operates since 2003.

It is privately owned and our new Director is Patricia Jaworski since September 2017. We provide interpreters, translators, and trainers to the biggest organisations and institutions but also to individuals.

Our team of 492 interpreters and translators covers 125 languages and dialects and we recruit regularly so we always have the appropriate interpreters for the services requested.

Excellent relations between team members and our clients are crucial as we believe that professionalism can only be reached in a pleasant, respectful, and trustful atmosphere.

AllAboutLanguages is on the tender of the Department of Health & Human Services in Tasmania, and the Department of Human Services Australia wide.

We provide services for the Launceston General Hospital, the Royal Hobart Hospital, the North West Regional Hospital, the Mersey Community Hospital, and many other institutions as well as private organisations and individuals.

At AllAboutLanguages, we honour the old fashion saying 'the client is always right' so we will be delighted to assist you to our best.

The service operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Please direct your enquiries to our Contact page or by mail, telephone, or fax.
Your requests will be answered between office hours. Emergencies may be dealt with after hours.

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